press WASD — start the journey to find the sun. 


The story

There is a small town in the North Pole, which is under the cover of polar night. 

A girl lives in the town, she does not like the dark, so she always collects many shiny things. 

One day at midnight, after the bell rang, a very high ladder appeared beside her. 

The ladder is so high that she could not see the top of it.

She climbed the ladder curiously and began her journey to find the sun.


music play with ukulele

made for Midnight (Bitsy jam)

Published 25 days ago
StatusIn development
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Tags2D, Bitsy, Pixel Art


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This is so dreamy and surreal. It's a beautiful game, and I love what you do with colors here. The song works so well too. Really, really awesome game.

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Just repeating what I wrote with my rating:

Genuinely, the most I've enjoyed a game in ages. Every little design decision -- every aspect of the presentation, the music, the controls, the lovely writing -- is just *spot on*. I'll treasure this.

i'm glad you like it! thank you!

Any chance of a desktop version? I like to stash my favourite small/obscure games on this special hard drive so I can revisit them after the internet's dead, civilisation's gone etc.

just echoing what everyone else has said but this is very beautiful and I love the use of panels! it's like you unearthed a forgotten bedtime story ~ it makes me want to play it just before I go to sleep :3

thank you~  :)

The art is very, very pretty. Great use of panels. I did have some trouble finding exits from time to time, like in the final sun room.

I like the way you reused screen space for more and more panels; it wasn't just a static set of them that appeared and disappeared.

In the sun room you can go alone the top of panel , pass through the sun hat. Then you can use the ladders. ^_^

So good!

Wow, I love the way you used frames! It feels like an interactive comic book, crossed with a charmingly illustrated fairy tale.

This is cute, I really like the music