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The ShanQi Hotel is located on top of a distant mountain. It once was just an old house. Later, Mr. ShanQi bought it and turned it into a basic hotel. The traffic connection is pretty bad. The only connection to the outside world is a cable car. The hotel is open to guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Soon after Mr. ShanQi bought the hotel, he found out that although the scenery is pleasant, only very few guests would visit this distant place. And the people who do occasionally visit the hotel are very strange indeed. By cleaning up their rooms, collecting their files, and chatting with them in the cafeteria, he gets more and more insight into their lives and history.

The ShanQi Hotel is a medium size environmental game project. It is still in the development phase. I hope you will like the game just as much as I enjoy creating it. 


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Looks cool! Love your art style and effort you put in your games ;D keep going, much love !